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The Healing Alphabet

26 Empowering Ways to Enrich Your Life

What if you could make choices that improved your life and the lives of others? You can! Life is about choices. Where you are at this very moment is based on all of the choices you’ve made throughout your life. They all add up to Now. The key is knowing what choices to make. Let me show you how.


With true-to-life examples and easy-to-follow exercises, you can get on your path to success. It’s as easy as learning your ABCs. Come join me in this adventure!


“The Healing Alphabet, about CHOOSING what and where we get in life, is a marvelous message, potent in its simplicity. As one of the guys who brought the world ABC Schoolhouse Rock, I can attest that the simplicity of one’s message amplifies it—and allows it to resonate for years to come.”

        —SQuire Rushnell, author of When God Winks


“I love this book! Although I’ve reviewed books before, this is the first one I really enjoyed reviewing, and found myself expanding in process . . . its message is consistently positive and uplifting, its advice is timely and timeless, and its prescriptions for personal growth are, best of all, simple and doable. This is kitchen table wisdom at its best.”

        —John C. Robinson, Ph.D., author of Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul

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