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Your To-Do List For Success! Part 6

To taste the sweetness of success...ahh. It is possible. You might think that to be a success in life requires unbelievable action. Sometimes, yes, that's true. But other times, what you need to do are simple, ordinary things. By doing those things, your life is put on cruise control and everything takes care of itself, making your life a lot more manageable.

Let's take a look at what some of those things might be.

1) Pay your bills on time.

You might say, "Why is this even on the success list?" Because not everyone does pay their bills on time. When they don't, late fees are applied, or certain accounts canceled. I know someone, for instance, who is notorious for not keeping track of his bills. The correspondence rarely, if ever, gets opened. And, if it does, chances are that it will get misplaced or lost. Hence, the bills aren't always paid. Time after time, medical or car insurance has been canceled for lack of payment. It sounds simple to say, "Pay your bills on time," but it takes organization and planning. If for some reason, a financial crisis ensues, then calling the financial institution and explaining the situation, is necessary.

It's important to monitor your spending. Make sure that you will have the money for the monthly bills. Set it aside, keep track of the bills on a calendar, and pay them when they're due. This will free you of creditors harassing you and demanding payment.

This tip is easy to implement and it will save you late fees, cancelations, and aggravations.

2) If you borrow something, return it.

When you ask someone if you can "borrow" something, the other person is assuming they will get it back eventually. If in your head you're thinking, I like this purse. She'll never miss it; I think I'll add it to my collection. She probably will miss it. She might be too uncomfortable to ask for it back. This is especially true when it comes to money. The person from whom you borrowed the money might be a friend or a family member and may not want to put undue pressure on you, so they won't ask for the money back. But they may really need it.

Whatever you borrow is just temporary. Remember that. Make sure you return it and return it in the same condition in which you borrowed it. I once lent a friend a book. If you anything about me, you know books are like my children. I gave her a strict warning about taking care of said child. When I got it back, however, the cover was bent and the book was somewhat damaged. Apparently, she and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument and my book had been tossed around. I asked her to buy me a new one. She did. So, my point is, things are important to people. Take care of whatever you take under your wings. And if it's money, come up with a timely payment plan.

3) Spend what you have, not what you'll have in the future.

I know countless people who have had to declare bankruptcy. Why is this? One simple reason, they have spent money they didn't have. If you spend money you don't have, you can't necessarily guarantee that you'll have the money to pay your debt in the future. If you accumulate bills like you would stamps for a collection, you will inevitably get into trouble. The bills will pile up and you won't have enough money to cover them.

If you want to experience success, it's okay to spend, but spend what you have, not what you think you may have one day. Don't get in over your head. You'll forever be trying to get out. This will cause you anxiety and stress, sometimes even depression.

In summary, don't give collectors a reason to come chasing after you like a pack of wolves. Pay your bills on time! Whatever you borrow, know it's temporary, unless you're told otherwise. Return it with a big, fat thank you! And, last but not least, don't spend money you think you may have in the future. Spend only what you have in the present.

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