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Your To-Do List For Success! Part 3

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

And the list continues! You still have a chance at that success I've been writing about. It's in your hands. So are you going to make things happen? Of course you will. My little list will egg you on, prompt you to take the steps that matter in order to climb out of that rock, or climb the ladder to opportunity, or step out of your comfort zone, whatever you want to call it. Are you ready? Here's the next list:

1) The longer you wait, the harder it will be!

Have you ever been afraid to do something? Maybe you've said, "I'll do it tomorrow." Then tomorrow came, and the decision to do it felt rushed, so with a promise to do it the next day, for sure, you wait. The next day the little hill before you is getting a little taller; a little more difficult to climb. I know a young man who wanted to approach a girl whom he felt was "out of his league." He really wanted to talk to her. But one thing was keeping him from doing it: FEAR! He made constant promises that he would talk to her, but with each passing day, nothing happened. His fear, however, grew. Now instead of a little fear, he was terrified. He never did end up talking to her. He never found out if she truly was out of his league. For all he knew, she may have really liked him. The longer you wait to do something, the more daunting the task becomes. So, what do you want to do? What have you been putting off? Why don't you take one step toward that goal? Today!

2) If you stay on top of it, it won't get out of hand.

Picture this: You have a lovely dinner. You used your best china. The food is magnificent, and your guests had a great time. They left so late, though, that you put the dishes in the sink, swearing you'd do them in the morning. When the next day arrives, as it usually does, you're too rushed to do last night's dinner dishes. Now, in the sink, sit last night's dishes and today's breakfast dishes. The pile is growing. You come home for a quick bite, but you have to get back to work. No time for those damn dishes. That evening you look in the sink! It's a mess. Now, instead of 15 minutes, it will take you a good 45 minutes to clean up. Staying on top of things, saves you time, energy, and sometimes money. It takes more energy to clean an entire dirty house, than to do an overall dusting. Staying on top of your bills prevents you from getting late fees; so yes, it saves you money. Staying on track with eating, saves you from gaining unwanted weight. You get the picture? The key to success is to not let anything get out of hand. Stay on top of things and you will feel a lot less stressed and anxious.

3) Eat things that will make your body stronger, not kill it!

A lot of people take their bodies for granted. Instead of treating it like the amazing temple it is, it is filled, on a regular basis, with trash. And what I mean by trash, is non-nutritious foods that cause more harm than good. Junk food, as it's called, is consumed daily, mostly by people on the go, or too busy to cook. I knew a young man whose diet consisted of soda and chips for breakfast. Not good. Fancy cars get premium fuel for an optimum drive. You would not put Regular 87 fuel in a Ferrari, right? Well, we could all be Ferraris if we chose to be. Taking care of the Self is one of the most important things we can do. Your body reacts to whatever is put into it. If you want a strong, healthy body, then you have to feed it what it needs to be strong and healthy. There is a trend now toward plant-based foods. Studies have shown that it is a lot healthier for the body, the planet, and shows compassion for our sentient beings. Just putting it out there. Do some research, and see how you can take care of yourself so that you're getting stronger as you age, not weaker.

Stay tune for the next list! In the meantime, if you try any of the items I've listed, let me know how it works out. I would love to hear from you!

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