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There will be More!

When I was 17 years old, I fell in love. His name was Richard. Despite the little time we spent together, he became larger than life in my mind, first love and all. But my parents were old-fashioned and overprotective and decided that Richard, a year younger, was not for me. After all, I was graduating and headed to college, while he still had his senior year to complete. I was devastated. I recall many a time crying in the shower, in bed, in the car, you name it. But no matter how much crying I did, Richard would be lost to me for the rest of my life.

When I was in my 40's, I got a Jeep. I had been jonesing for one for the longest time. It was my dream vehicle. And then I got one. After a few years, my teenage son wanted to use my Jeep. I bought a VW Bug and let him use my much beloved Jeep to get around town. It wasn't too long afterward that he decided to trade my Jeep in for another car "of his dreams." I lost my Baby! Granted, I gave him the permission to trade in the Jeep; even went with him to the dealership to witness the transfer. Horror or horrors! Looking back now, it may have been a moment of weakness, or stupidity, maybe both. Still trying to figure that one out. But the Jeep was gone!

In my first year of college, I met "Olive." She was in my beginning piano class. We quickly became fast friends, and then best friends. That friendship lasted for over 30 years. And then one day it was over. I still am not sure why she slipped away, but slip away she did.

The above losses are just but a few that I've experienced throughout my life. At the time, each of the losses left a big dent in my heart. At 17 I thought there would never be another Richard, at 45 I thought there would never be another Jeep, and in my 50's, another Best Friend.

But all of that was just in my mind. It's true, there was never another Richard, but now there's a Joe. And come July 4th we'll be celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. And yeah, the Jeep of my dreams was gone, but now I have an even better version of a Wrangler 4 x 4, which includes Sirius XM radio. And automatic windows. As for my Best Friend, Olive, I still think of her from time to time, but I have so many close friends and family, that her absence has meant less and less to me over time.

Loss is something that we all experience, but remember, there will be more. People and situations are in our lives for but a fraction of time. Some stay a short while, others stay decades, but in the end, nothing will be with us forever.

Whenever you experience a loss, take time to grieve, but know that eventually there will be more, something to take its place.

Loss is never easy. Don't be fooled into believing, however, that what is gone is gone forever. It may be in a certain sense, but who's to say you won't get something even better?

NOTE: If you've lost someone to death, that's a different story altogether. A loved one who's passed on can never be replaced. But you can continue to love them in your heart. And perhaps the loss you feel will be eased by others who care about you just as much.

There is always something more. It's just up to you to be open to let it come into your life.

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