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Updated: Nov 19, 2017

And the answer is:  All of You!

I know what you’re thinking . . .

“Me, the fairest one of all? No way! Have you seen my nose? It’s so large.”

“My teeth are too crooked. I hate them! No way I’m the fairest one of all.”

“My ears stick out. I keep my hair long to cover them.”

“I’m so overweight; my clothes look terrible on me.”

“My eyes are too small for my face.”

Those inner thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg. The abuse is constant. Every time there’s a mirror around and you catch a glimpse, your FALSE Voice starts the attack. It’s no wonder there’s so much unhappiness out there in the world, so much self-consciousness, and low self-esteem. With a Voice like that in your head, you don’t stand a chance at true happiness. You’ll always try covering up—either the hair over the ears, the loose shirt hiding your belly, or the smile that’s always missing because you hate your teeth.

But guess what? I’ve got news for you: You are not your nose, your teeth, your ears, your weight, or the size of your eyes! They are simply part of the body that houses the Real You. Your body is just a Rental; eventually you’ll leave it behind. The Real You is Awesome in every way, hidden in the depths of your Rental, like an undiscovered gem.

No one can choose what type of nose, teeth, or ears they’re going to have. I suppose if you want to spend thousands of dollars on surgeries, it would be possible to alter your appearance. But why do that? It’s not going to make you happy. Not really.

If you think about all the “Beautiful” celebrities who’ve had work done and look like plastic dolls, you realize they’re not happy. Not inside. If they were, no beautiful celebrity would cheat on the other, get addicted to drugs, or get arrested countless times for being reckless. Their beauty only makes them insecure, and a slave to surgeries and expensive creams. What happens when their looks eventually fade? Perfect looks do not a perfect life make.

YOU are Perfect just the way you are. Stop bashing yourself! There’s no one out there like you. So relish that fact. Celebrate your Uniqueness. That’s what makes you special.

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