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Love in the Time of Covid!

Times are different today. “Surreal,” different. I've heard that word more in the last few months than I've ever heard in my entire life.

Social distancing has changed the way we interact with each other in a big way; the way we love each other.

Love in the time of Covid has altered the way we date. We can’t! It’s difficult to date someone you don’t, or barely know, when you are afraid they’ll get you sick. Have they been OK for 14 days? And even it safe?

Families are forced to be apart. Grandparents can’t see their children or grandchildren. If they did, it could kill them. Literally.

Loving someone up close and personal in the time of Covid is not recommended, discouraged, even.

Love in the time of Covid forces you into isolation, or just the opposite, into close proximity with someone that may drive you crazy.

Whether you’re alone, or in too-close proximity with someone, it can produce high levels of stress and anxiety.

Love in the time of Covid is altering the way we see people. Are they sick or are they safe? Best stay away, is the first thought that comes to mind.

Love in the time of Covid conceals people’s smiles. Wearing masks will do that.

There is nothing LOVING about living in the time of Covid.

But...we can still find a way to love. That’s what will keep us going; that's what will keep us strong, hopeful. Reach out. Don't allow the sadness to spiral downward.



Text, email, or call to let your loved ones know they’re loved.

Love in the time of Covid may be different, but it is still love—that strong force that can never be obliterated no matter how apart we may feel, how isolated, how alone. Love still exists. It is the driving force of our existence.

And when we come out of this, our eyes are going to see what had been there all along, but now we’ll see it with the eyes of appreciation, and the knowing that Love can never, should never, be taken for granted.

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