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Kindness Matters

Something happened today that was so cool, I had to share it. It was Kindness. Seeing it first hand reinforced its importance. I talk about Kindness often; about how important it is for us as people to spread it. Today, Kindness came and introduced itself. And it was magical.

While looking, a store employee approached me and asked, "Looking for the cauliflower gnocchi?" How he could have possibly guessed it, is beyond me. I turned to him and said, "Yes, yes I am. You seem to be all out." He told me that he'd go check for me and that he'd find me in the store.

I continued shopping, not very hopeful of going home with the frozen gems. I was at the bread section, nearly finished with all my shopping when, who comes up to me holding a big box loaded with, you guessed, cauliflower gnocchi? I took four packages out of the box and loaded them into my cart, thanking him profusely.

Yes, that Trader Joe's man was an employee. But not all employees go above and beyond their call of duty. This man did. Hence, why his actions stood out and will be remembered by me forever.

You may not think this cauliflower gnocchi adventure is much to write home about. And maybe you're right. But it's the man, the employee, his kindness, and the fact he went out of his way to help me get what I wanted. Now that deserves a big fat kudos!

Go out and see where you can make a difference in someone's life.

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