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Even the Most Beautiful Queen Turns Into a Witch! be young and beautiful! What a delight. It seems that if you happen to be born with the "Beautiful" gene, there are a lot of niceties that come your way. For one, you're treated better, you're spoken to in a nicer fashion, you're more apt to get the promotion for which you've been jonesing, and you'll probably have a higher income! You'll also, more than likely, be very persuasive, get free stuff and talk yourself out of a ticket by batting your eyelashes. Everywhere you go there's a little ray of sunshine hovering over you making you look even more beautiful, if that's even possible.

Most of us regular folk, however, don't have that ray of sunshine hovering over us. We may get some of it on a good day, but there are also the clouds on most normal days. Let's face it, there are a lot more average looking people than the beauties that seem to walk around under a halo.

But is beauty all that's cracked up to be? Don't answer too quickly. While our initial answer might be a hard YES, let's discuss.

There are a lot of assumptions made about beautiful people. They are believed to be smarter, for one. In fact, teachers judge beautiful students as being more competent and intelligent. Not a surprise, then, when they receive better grades. This produces more confident kids, and this confidence typically stays with the child as he/she gets older. Now, that's a good thing. But is it all good?

Being too beautiful might have its downside. When it comes to women, they may not be taken seriously on the job. Their looks might evoke jealousy in some of the more average women. One might hear, "Can you believe that bitch? She thinks she's all that!" This may not even be true. But jealousy has a way of awakening the ugly side in people.

Also, it's not uncommon for a beautiful woman to feel somewhat isolated. Men may be intimidated by her looks, consider her out of their league, wrongly believe she's unapproachable, and hesitate asking her out. Insecurity is another aspect of being too beautiful. In a Ted Talk given by model Cameron Russell, she said that models are the most insecure people on the planet. Ms. Russell says, "I think about what I look like every day." Since being beautiful is a large part of her identity, she can't escape the trap to remain so.

Being beautiful has a lot of perks, but it is not the E Ticket to life.

For one, looks do not last forever. Not only does age take a toll on our physique, there's also the possibility of losing our looks due to an assault or an accident. An example is what happened to Jacqueline Saburido in September of 1999. Being struck by a drunk driver late one night changed her life as she knew it. She survived, but was burned beyond recognition. Even if you don't get into a horrific accident, life will steal your looks away eventually. Take a look at all the once beautiful actresses who now play mothers, bit parts, even witches. No longer can they play the sexy siren. When I visited my aunt in Paris in 2009, she refused to have picture taken. She told me she hated how she looked, now in her 70's. In her apartment, I saw pictures of her and my uncle, Jorge Camacho. They looked like movie stars when they were first married. Years later, she couldn't stand the older version of herself.

So why am I even talking about this? If you are beautiful, congratulations, you won the genetic lottery, through no fault of your own. But don't ever allow your beauty to define who you are. It will not last. It will fade and if you depend on it for your happiness and well being, what will you have left when it does?

Enjoy your beauty, but know that's not all you are. Take time to work on your mind, on the inside. Take yourself on an inner journey that will challenge your brain. Exercise your body so that it can carry you strongly when you become an elder. Don't bank on your looks to get you out of bad situations; bank on your moral compass.

When I say that a queen will turn into a witch, I don't mean it literally, of course. I just mean that as time goes by, you'll have to cash in on your personal depth and not on your personal looks.

A final note...I'm not against beauty. I actually love admiring people with such perfect symmetry that I find it difficult to look away. All I'm saying is that there's more; a lot more, to each and every one of us.

Looks are temporary. Who you are as a human being on this planet is what truly can leave a mark. So enjoy your looks if you have them, but remember what's truly important can't always be seen.

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