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Behavior! What is yours like?

What do your actions say about you? What you do, versus what you say, is the truth of who you really are. It is quite simple to use words to create someone who really isn't you. Like a protagonist in a novel, you can mold yourself into being someone who is only a work of fiction. 

In order to build credibility, you must not only use words, but follow through on those words.

Here's an example, "I'm going to sign up for the gym, then go six days a week. My goal is to get fit this year." That's a wonderful goal. In fact, it's enviable. Six days a week? I am imagining Superman!

But what really happens to most people? The words come out of the gate like Secretariat in his hayday; and maybe the person goes as far as to sign up for that gym membership. Perhaps they even go six days the first week. Then it's three, then once. Then the excuses begin..."too tired," "too sore," "it's raining," "too cold." You get the idea.

Words are easy to fabricate. In fact, you can easily fool yourself into believing what you say. In truth, however, only your actions determine who you are. But not just by one act. No, it has to be consistent. Your actions have to be done enough so that there is no question as to who you really are.

This week, be mindful of what you say. Are your words followed up with actions? Will you really call your friend for lunch? Will you really start reading more? Will you start writing that novel? Or are they just words?

You get to decide!

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