"I love this book! Although I've reviewed books before, this is the first one I really enjoyed reviewing, and found myself expanding in process...its message is consistently positive and uplifting, its advice is timely and timeless, and its prescriptions for personal growth are, best of all, simple and doable. This is kitchen table wisdom at its best." ~John C. Robinson, Ph.D, author of Death of a Hero

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Rossana Snee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is the mother of two grown sons, and the wife of an elevator mechanic who is the wind beneath her wings. She is an avid reader, whose passions include playing two instruments, painting, languages, and working out.

"Help! I Can't Get Over My Ex!"

Are you having problems getting over your Ex?


Your relationship is over!


All hopes of RECONCILIATION are done!


All COMMUNICATION has ceased!


And yet you persist in holding on ...


There are possible reasons for this:


1) You think you'll never find someone like him/her again!


Did you ever think that shouldn't find someone like them again; perhaps the person to find is the one that's better suited to you. There is a reason you broke up. Holding on to the fantasy of what could have been if you'd stayed together, is a waste of time because it is only a fantasy.

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Five Hazardous Things You Do to Hurt Your Mental Wellbeing.
5. You look to others for validation of your self-wroth.
4. You allow your past to define you.
3. You hold on when you should be letting go.
2. You compare yourself to others.
1. You worry too damn much.
Practice validating yourself, as you are today, not someone you were in the past. Let go of what no longer serves you. Stop comparing yourself to others; you're unique; there's no one else like you. And most importantly...STOP WORRYING!
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"Weed out what you no longer need in your life. Make room for the seeds of your future."

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