"I love this book! Although I've reviewed books before, this is the first one I really enjoyed reviewing, and found myself expanding in process...its message is consistently positive and uplifting, its advice is timely and timeless, and its prescriptions for personal growth are, best of all, simple and doable. This is kitchen table wisdom at its best." ~John C. Robinson, Ph.D, author of Death of a Hero

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Rossana Snee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is the mother of two grown sons, and the wife of an elevator mechanic who is the wind beneath her wings. She is an avid reader, whose passions include playing two instruments, painting, languages, and working out.

Is Life Really Too Short?

"Life is too short!"


I often hear this phrase casually tossed around. In fact, I've used it myself on more than one occasion. But what if life is not too short? What if instead, the time we have is not being spent in the best possible way?


Now, I'm not one to tell you how to spend your time wisely. After all, everyone considers their time their personal commodity to do with what they will.


Nevertheless, I want you to consider the fact that life will end. For all of us! We have an expiration date. Before you expire, though, wouldn't you want to have used your precious time in the best possible way?


If the Angel of Death were to show up on your doorstep tomorrow and say, "Hello, Mike! Time to come with me. Leave everything behind. You won't be needing it where you're going." Then the Angel of Death extends her hand, inviting you to take it.

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Begin Your Task Before It Becomes a Burden!
Things can get complicated in this complicated thing called life. 
One of the way in which we complicate our own lives is by waiting, or ignoring things that need to be handled. By not addressing things that need to be addressed, you're in essence allowing the situation to get bigger and more unmanageable. 
Imagine you have a couple of dishes in the sink. It would take you 3 minutes to do them. But you don't. You wait. Now there are 10. You still wait because your favorite show is on. Before you know it, there are 20, and on and on. 
Now you have to spend 30 minutes cleaning where it should have only take 3. 
Handle things before they get out of hand, and you'll have more time to enjoy your time!
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"Weed out what you no longer need in your life. Make room for the seeds of your future."

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