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Rossana Snee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is the mother of two grown sons, and the wife of an elevator mechanic who is the wind beneath her wings. She is an avid reader, whose passions include playing two instruments, painting, languages, and working out.

Love in the Time of Covid!

Times are different today. “Surreal,” different. I've heard that word more in the last few months than I've ever heard in my entire life.


Social distancing has changed the way we interact with each other in a big way; the way we love each other.


Love in the time of Covid has altered the way we date. We can’t! It’s difficult to date someone you don’t, or barely know, when you are afraid they’ll get you sick. Have they been OK for 14 days? And even it safe?


Families are forced to be apart. Grandparents can’t see their children or grandchildren. If they did, it could kill them. Literally.

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A Person Is As Great As His Thoughts!
What do you think about all day?
Most people have the same thoughts looping around in their minds all day long.
It's an ongoing barrage. Unfortunately, most of those thoughts have to do with an unknown future, and projections about that future. Typically, the thoughts are frightening and begin with the question, "What if..?
Sometimes, those intrusive thoughts chatter on about the past (about which you can do nothing, by the way) and leave you feeling sad, guilty, or both.
The best way to avoid negative thoughts and becoming a happier person, is to either watch the thoughts and let the come and go without giving them energy, or replace them with the opposite of the thoughts you're having.
Give that a try and see if that doesn't change your perspective on life.
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"Weed out what you no longer need in your life. Make room for the seeds of your future."

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